Monday, August 6, 2012

Scrambled Whites With Greens As Weight Loss Food

Scrambled whites with greens is a low fat scrambled egg substitute which enriches you with 54 grams of very high quality protein from only 255 calories. This is a good and healthy weight loss food!

Don't miss breakfast, i always say this. If you do, will tend to eat a lot of junk and fast food to compensate for you needs but we all know that the cause of weight gain is junk food and over snaking. In order to keep your weight loss on the right part, you most cook what you eat. Yes i'm advocating home food! This way you be sure of what you are eating, scramble whites with greens is one perfect breakfast food for weight loss.

For your benefit, I'm describing how to prepare this super star healthy weight loss food just incase you don't know how. But if you already do, you definetly want to add this your daily food menu because it has every essential nutrition needed for an healthy breakfast not just for weight loss but for your total health and well being.

How to prepare: The first step is to sprinkle your fry pan with nonfat pam. The second step is to pour an approximate proportion of 4 servings of second nature egg white in a food bowl, then mix it with half cup of spinach and half cup of mushrooms. Third step; continue heating the pan and when the pam begins to buble, pour eggs in the pan, fry and leave it till it is almost dry.

Scrambled whites wiith greens will save you from consuming 40 extral calories, a hundred miligrams of cholesterol form egg and thirteen grams of fat when you compare it with the usual way of preparing scrambled eggs. Saving you from unwanted calories, fat and cholesterol from egg will not only benefit you weight loss wise, but will go a long way to improve your general health.


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