Monday, August 6, 2012

Toasted Plain Lender's Bagel With Natural Jam As weight loss food

Talking Breakfast and healthy weight loss foods, toasted plain lender's bagel with natural jam is a choice food for living healthy and losing some extral pounds. The key emphasis here is ensuring that you consume homemade nutritious food and save youself the hazard of health problems associated with not eating healthy meals.

Ok, fresh bagel not easy to find even though they are definitely better than a frozen one. But any way, a frozen one will do just fine with a little bit of toasting. Infact, toasting will make it almost as good as fresh one. I would usually prefer strawberry natural jam, but you can use you favorite as long as it is natural to give it that fantastic taste.

Consuming toasted plain lender's bagel with natural jam as breakfast is superb for weight loss as this healthy weight loss food will help you avoid between 160 to 360 calories and even ten grams of fat unlike what you get from other bagels purchased at food outlets like Dunkin Donuts and their likes which normally comes with cream cheese spreaded on it.

When you are thinking of healthy weight loss, the right choice is to go natural. Here i'm advocating that you peek only natural foods, fruits and vergetables. Before the advent of fast foods, generations before ours consumed mainly natural home cooked foods little wonder they where healthier and fitter. But with todays life style, we consume ready to eat fast food as our major meals or eat out at resturants or worse still, consume processed canned foods. In no time, our generation is fast becoming a fat generation with the rate of obesity sky rokecting by the day and just like most challenges, there is always a solution. But there is also a problem with the solution it self, we all know that the market is flooded with different types of weight loss solutions but a number of them come with their side effects which is not so good for our health. Going back to natural healthy weight loss food is definitely the way out of this growing trend of over weightedness.


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