Monday, August 6, 2012

Balanced Diet Shake As Weight loss Food

Yet another very healthy weight loss food is balance diet shake. Just has it name implies, this drink provides you a balanced diet to get your day rocking with vitality and energy.

Consuming healthy weight loss food is the right way to lose and stay healthy not fasting or going on despirate attempts like crash diet or popping pills. Anything other than eating right will only lead to health complications. The popular saying you are what you eat is a basic fact that we all most take seriously, dangerous eating will only lead to dangerous health conditions while healthy eating will promote health and induce weigth loss or help you maintain the right weight for your hight.

Below is a simple description of the nutrient content of balanced diet shake, just follow this healthy weight loss food and you be on your way to a healthier living.

If you are looking to consume something chilling, nutrient enriched and tasty as breakfast, then shake or smoothie comes handy as your best bet as far as healthy weight loss food is concernd. Balanced diet shake comes with a total of a hundred and eighty calories with very coomplex carbs, minerals, and vitamins, flavored with natural vanilla or you could use chocolate royale. In every serving comes five grams of essentiall dietary fiber and ten grams of soy which is equivalent to 40% of a day's average as recommended by the Heart Association of America.

It high fiber content helps you feel full and tends to eat less as the day progresses and so you could lose weight, stay healthy and energized. Not to mention its fantastically amazing taste, it is definetly the right dietry drink dosed with essential vitamins and minerals. No doubt it is absolutely a healthy weight loss food.

By drinking balanced diet shake as a replacement for other similar drinks, saves you 60 extral calories and six grams of fat. This is a perfect and simple alteration you need to imbibe in your weight loss diet menu to enhance healthy living.


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