Monday, May 2, 2011

Some Disadvantages of Weight Loss

You have decided to start eating healthy and to lose weight. This is a very good decision and a worthy goal. However, you also need to consider carefully some potential problems that you may face while trying to lose weight. This will enable you to decide the best and suitable means to handle such challenges should they appear.
One of the biggest problems you will encounter is the need to change your wardrobe. This may prove to be quite expensive but is very necessary to achieving your goal.  When you start a diet plan, you will find yourself being swallowed up by your clothes as you begin to drop the pounds and sizes. Your clothes will hang over your shoulders and sag below your waistline. You will always need to use a belt because of the drastic reduction in your waist, and may even have to put some homemade holes in your belt. Your shoulders will disappear beneath excess fabric hanging by your sides. There could even be a slight difference in how your socks and shoes fit too, because your feet will shrink as you lose weight.
Your body will likely have increased energy running through it. This is another problem that you should look out for. As a result, you will find yourself unable to sit still for a period of time, always wanting to be on the move. You might miss some of your favorite TV programs, and will be forced to buy some digital recording device to record whatever you miss. As you continue to eat healthy and lose weight, the desire to be outdoors more often will increase. There will be a strong longing for fresh air and physical activity, which will cause you to lose more weight.
Everyone is attracted to a person who looks good, and you will get your fair share of attraction from the opposite sex as you continue to lose weight. This may eventually lead to some friction between you and your partner if you are already in a committed relationship. Therefore, you will need to balance the attention from others while giving your partner the necessary attention they deserve.
Weight loss is guaranteed to improve sex. As you gain more energy and endurance, this will eventually play out in the bedroom resulting in longer lasting sex that is more enjoyable. With more attraction from the opposite sex, you will tend to have more sex and this helps in weight loss as each sexual encounter burns between 200-400 calories.


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