Monday, May 2, 2011

The Proper Food Portion

Weight loss is not and can not be easy. This is because all of us love to eat, not because we want live but because some meals are sumptuous. You don’t agree? Okay, why do you get tired of eating the same kind of meal every time, even though the meal contains all the nutrients the body needs? Secondly, most people are lazy. They find it difficult to go for regular workouts. If you need to lose your weight, the reverse should be the case. Eat less and exercise more.

It has been revealed that another important way to lose your weight is by eating the right quantity of food with the right contents. To know how to control your food quantity and maintain your weight at the same time, please go through the write-up below.

Controlling Food Portions While Eating Out
When you go to the restaurants, you would be served a large portion of food and you would be tempted to finish it. Of course you wouldn’t want to waste your money or cheat yourself. Well there is a way to go about it. Please read the information below.

You can order appetizers instead of main dishes since appetizers are usually served in small quantities. Appetizers are just enough to take care of your hunger. The second option is for you to order the main dish, eat half and get the waiter to pack the remaining half for you to take home. You would eat the other half at home later. That way, you eat less and still save your money.

Eat Smaller Meals More Often
For a weight loss program, it is better to eat five small meals than three big meals as usual. This is because frequent smaller meals daily would take care of your hunger and also give you a regular source of energy. But that does not give you the liberty to eat just anything. You still need to watch what you eat.

Don’t forget to take whole grains, fruits and vegetables and all other beneficial food items that would not add to your calories. Please do not starve yourself. If you do that, whenever you are ready to eat, you will likely consume a very large portion and it would work against your weight loss program.

Knowing the Right Food Portions is Vital
It is advisable to have all kinds of food measurement tools in your kitchen. This is because most of the meals prescribed would consist of an exact quantity of different items. For instance, it could be an ounce of oatmeal. If you do not have these tools, you are likely going to estimate and it could be more or less than the required quantity. It would take its toll on the result of your program. So you should have teaspoons, teacups, table spoons, measuring jug, food scale and other food measuring instruments. The earlier you get used to these measurements the better. It is when you are used to prescribed measurements that you can estimate better.

Portion Control Plates
If you do not have these tools or do not like to measure, do not bother yourself. There is a device for you. It is called the portion control plate. It gives you the idea of how much food to serve for each meal. The device can be bought on the Internet or any store where kitchen utensils are sold.


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