Wednesday, April 6, 2011

You Need to Shed Some Fat if you are Diabetic

Is your blood sugar level giving you a reason to worry? Have you been getting doctors advice to take part in weight loss dieting? Is your family putting pressure on you to reduce the amount of calories you take? It may seem like you are the only one facing this challenge, but there are many more like you.
In fact, reports from Harvard Health Publications have also shown that out of a total of ten diabetic patients, eight of them struggle with being overweight. A lot of people who have diabetes are frustrated with the constant reminders to watch what they eat. However, it is very important to your health that you take your weight loss program seriously if you have diabetes.
When you commit to reduce your weight, there are a number of benefits that you will gain. Some of these are listed below:
Improvement in your blood Sugar Level – You may have noticed that in spite of your compliancy to anti-diabetic medications, there is still an increase in your blood glucose. This can indeed become very frustrating. However, the American Diabetes Association has shown that when you succeed in losing excess weight, there is great improvement to your blood sugar level.  By losing some weight, you will notice a significant decrease in your blood sugar that is proportional to your weight loss.
Improvement in your blood pressure – Concurrent blood pressure reading is a common problem that many diabetic patients are known to have, and they can easily develop a complication which can lead to hypertension. According to the American Diabetes Association, the more healthy your weight is, the more improved your blood pressure will be.
Normal Blood Cholesterol Level – Diabetes causes patients to be more vulnerable to an increase in blood cholesterol level. This is capable of causing chronic complications such as stroke and heart diseases. Therefore, it is important that the patient participates in a healthy weight reduction program. The level of blood cholesterol can be normalised through proper weight loss dieting.
Reduce the stress on your weight bearing joints – Many people who have diabetes are known to complain about concurrent joint pains especially in their hips, knees and ankles. These pains are even more pronounced in people with a lot of weight. If you attempt to lose some weight, then the stress around your joints will be reduced and you will become more comfortable.
Reduce Chances of Obstructive Sleep Apnea – Another common form of ailment is obstructive sleep apnea, which usually occurs, in about 23% of diabetic patients. This disorder is dangerous to life, as the patient tends to breathe abnormally in a start and stop pattern while sleeping.  The International Diabetes Federation has also show that this sleep disorder is caused by obesity and overweight. Therefore, in loosing excess weight, you reduce the risk for obstructive sleep apnea.
Feel more Energized – Do you find yourself feeling exhausted frequently?   Most people with type 2 diabetes usually have increased insulin resistance. However, when you lose weight, the way your body responds to insulin will be improved. Your cell membranes can make better use of your blood sugar, which will in turn increase your energy.


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