Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weight Loss Plan for Diabetes Control

About 80% of patients suffering from direct and indirect consequences of having diabetes also have problems with overweight. According to the Harvard Health Publications of the Harvard Medical School, having a healthy weight loss diet is strongly linked with improvement in the level of blood sugar and consequently reduce complications in diabetes. In reality, if you succeed in loosing as little as five to ten percent of your current weight, you would have significantly decreased the chronic complications associated with diabetes.
Weight Loss Strategies for Reducing Diabetes Complications: 
Consume More Fibre; These coarse fibrous substances, largely composed of cellulose, that are found in grains, fruits, and vegetables, aid digestion. Increasing your fiber intake decreases by 40% your chances of developing diabetes and its complications. The more fiber you take in, the more weight you tend to lose. Generally foods with fiber tends to suck up moisture which in turn adds more weight to the food you eat thereby making you feel satisfied faster that a food without it would. This means you would eat less.
Eating Nuts is Vital; According to studies don at the Harvard medical school, eating nuts lower the possibility of developing diabetes and its complications by 20 to 30%. Though the details of how this happens is unclear.
Moderated the Rate at which you Consume Alcohol; Believe it or not, one drink of alcohol per day reduces the risk of developing diabetes by 43% in contrast to those who totally stay away from it. Nonetheless, if you are on anti-diabetic drugs, always check your blood sugar levels before taking it and before you go to sleep. This is to prevent hypoglycemia- a condition characterized by an abnormally low level of sugar in the blood.
Engage in regular exercises; Regular exercise or any other form of physical activity is essential for healthy weight loss and better blood sugar control. As a matter of fact it is nearly impossible to lose weight and control your sugar level without having some regular exercise.
Abstain from Sugary Drinks; This is probably the most-often overlooked point when talking about a healthy weight loss in diabetes. Calories are the major components of carbonated drinks. the truth is that a person who drink one can of sugary drink per day increase their chances of developing diabetes by 24% compared to those who take a small sip once in a month.

Drink Lots of Water; Drink at least eight glass of water every day. There is no overlooking the importance of water in your body as this is key to body metabolism. Cosuming water first thing in the morning before taking in any other food will help cleanse your body system.


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