Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Crash Diet Plans- Does it really Works?

After extensive discussions and research, we are yet to understand why people are thrilled about “crash diets that supposedly works”. It is equally puzzling that many consumers simply want to lose weight without any hard work or proper diet.
The last-minute mentality has pervaded our society such that many people would rather wait for summer or an event and then resort to crash diets, to be able to look good. Simple discipline and consistency will remove the pressure of starving yourself for three days just to look good.
The low carbohydrate diet plan is common to many of us; products with protein are now available for this diet plan.  In this article we will attempt to study the effects of such diet plan on weight loss.
Carbohydrates – an Objective Examination
What is the purpose of carbohydrate in our meals? Our greatest source of glucose is carbohydrate, which provides the body with energy. Since energy is essential to everyone, carbohydrate is a must-have nutrient in our meals. If you plan to partake in the low carbohydrate diet plan, then you must be well informed on your source of carbohydrate.
Foods such as candy, soda pop, French fries, chocolate, cereal and pastries, even though they provide carbohydrate, also have a severe impact on your weight, as they have a high glycerin index. They may boost your energy level, but at the same time increase your weight gain. Without doubt, these foods are exempted from any successful crash diets.
To maintain your carbohydrate intake, you might want to try one cup of Hummus, one cup of Oatmeal, twelve Crackers, one Bran Muffin (2.5oz), one cup of Baked Beans, one cup of Wheat Berries, one Cup of Wild Rice, or one cup of Black Beans. Each of these foods contains about 200 calories in one serving. One serving of carbohydrate is recommended on a daily basis.
You should also add fruits and vegetables to your weight loss diet. Some individuals however will need different levels of carbohydrates based on their lifestyle and the amount of activity they engage in during their exercise routines.
Making a decision on whether to use a low carbohydrate diet plan for your weight loss should be based on your goals. This program works especially well for those who want a crash diet. But professional athletes are advised to avoid this method. Making this diet plan work involves ensuring that you obtain carbohydrate from the right kinds of food. Supplements such as protein shakes also help in balancing your carbohydrate intake as they contain the desired amount of carbohydrate.


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