Friday, March 25, 2011

You Need Fat! Quality Fat, To Lose Weight

If you do your research as regards fat, you will discover that fat is an essential part of your diet if you are aiming for a perfect body composition. It's also a key energy source to the body, so consuming a diet low in quality fat can, by implication make you feel exhausted and empty. What exactly am I talking when I say quality fat? Quality fats are fats which are still very close to their natural state and haven't been exposed to a lot of heat. Here are some examples of foods with vast quality fat content:
-Olive oil

Wondering why bacon and lard top the list?! Yes without a doubt these can be enormous sources of quality fat as a matter of fact bacon and lard are reputed to be one of the best natural foods with quality fat. Keep in mind that a lot of supermarket purchased foodstuffs are extremely heated, hydrogenated and the fats are damaged and ought to be avoided. Many store purchased butter will be very substandard so I will advice that you buy butter you can obtain from a farmer you know or possibly a local health food store. The same goes for lard and cream.

The fats you most stay away from include vegetable or grain oils like soybean, canola and corn oils. If you consider it, it isn't hard to see why these are greatly substandard fats than the above list. To extract oil from olives you simply need to be pressed but to get oil from soybeans they are passed through a variety of chemical baths and treated in manners that is not appropriate for an item for consumption.

Regardless of being counter-intuitive to some person, consuming fat is essentially vital for weight loss and reduction of body fat. Raising the percentage of quality fats and proteins as well as cutting down the percentage of carbohydrates will help you attain or actualize your weight loss goals while maintaining or raising the level of energy and muscle mass. If you think about it fat is actual a huge fraction of the energy your body runs on. If you don't eat your body will tap from fat stored to give you energy for everyday activities. Eating fat will give you the same energy as carbohydrate and since fat is more satiating than carbohydrate foods you won't eat too much. Any shortage in eating will be made up by tapping from your fat store which enables you to lose weight and at the same time feel satisfied with your meals.

It might be surprising but you need fat, quality fat to lose weight. Go get that fat and be in shape.


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