Thursday, March 24, 2011

What Food Should I Eat to Lose Weight? – Should I Eat Fat and Protein or Carbohydrates?

If you are concerned about losing weight and have been thinking what to eat to get results, then this article will help you a great deal. Research has proven that your diet accounts for roughly 80% of your body composition. Working out can't make up for insufficient diet.
So you wonder, "What food should I eat to lose weight?" Most importantly, it is perhaps more useful to think about altering your body composition rather than concentrating on weight loss. Agreed, weight loss will be the most vital issue for a lot of persons but it is also feasible to significantly improve your look and lose fat while still maintaining about the same weight. This is possible when your body's composition tilts toward raising the level of lean muscle and lesser percentages of body fat.
The most efficient way to achieve this effect is to focus on a high quality diet that enables your body to using fat as its main energy supply. To do this you'll have to center on getting a large amount of your nutrition from foods high in quality fats and protein. You'll still eat some carbohydrates but in considerably lesser amounts than the usual diet. The major reason for this is because carbohydrates, when digested, are easily transformed into glucose in the blood stream. Your pancreas reacts to this arriving glucose by raising the level of insulin production and the insulin in response helps to transport the surplus glucose into fat cells as storage for later use. The problem is, for most of us later use never really comes. If your diet is high in carbohydrates your body is accustomed to making use of these rapid sources of energy and doesn't tap into fat storage as readily. In addition, given that you are constantly flooding your system with glucose there is always a surplus to be packed away as extra fat stores.
If we most center our bodies attention on using fat from our diet and from fat cells as energy we need to lessen the percentage of carbohydrates we take and make sure the ones we do eat come in lesser concentrations. So as a replacement for of having a buckwheat pancake breakfast we should take an egg and bacon breakfast instead. Replace low impact carrots or parsnips for the high-starch higher insulin impact potato. The most assured way to evade surplus carbohydrates, as well as gluten issues and the like, is to drop grain products from your diet completely. Though this may seem like a radical step, it has been tremendously successful for many people. As a matter of fact, many native peoples consumed far more fat and protein focused diets than most of us today and consequently enjoyed better health.


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