Saturday, April 2, 2011

5 Things you Might not be Doing that has Hindered your Weight Loss Desires

Losing weight is a goal that many of us keep trying to attain in life and are yet to fulfill. The reason may not be far fetched. It could be that your approach is wrong, or perhaps you are not as committed as you should be. Either way, your weight loss goal has not been accomplished. Your body still carries excess weight and you want to know why.

Like any job worth doing, there should be a deliberate strategy to achieving your goal. Without such a strategy, you may find yourself coming short of your desire. The five most common reasons that could hinder your weight loss plan are listed below.

1. You Are Not Doing Enough Body Work Out - You may already be doing some basic exercise such as push ups, jogging and playing some form of sports, but you are yet to shed off the excess weight. The reason is simple: it takes more than exercising to lose weight. You also need to be dedicated to your schedule and work hard at it. This will require that you combine medium-high-intensity cardio exercise with some challenging strength-training workout.

2. You Are Over Stressed - One of the common health challenges in life is stress. It is also a factor that can hinder your weight loss aspirations. When you are stressed, there is an increase in your production of cortisol hormones, which causes the muscle tissue to reduce. This can affect your resistance to insulin and cause the region around your abdomen to gain extra fat storage.

3. You’re Not Sleeping Adequately: When you do not have enough sleep, it can also affect your weight. Experts have not yet proved it, but many studies have shown that inadequate sleep affects the rate at which your body metabolizes. This in turn will cause you to get hungry often. When you lack proper sleep, the cortisol hormone, which controls appetite, is affected and your body craves more food to make up for the energy source which adequate sleep would have provided.

4. You Are Eating Too Much Portions of Food: Many people try to lose weight without giving proper attention to the kinds of food that they eat. When you plan to take part in a weight loss program, it is important that you watch your carbohydrate intake. A lot of people are unaware that the more you exercise, the more you feel like eating. As such, you must take note of what you eat so that you do not replace the calories you have successfully lost. It is advised that you eat smaller portions of meal more often like 5 to 6 times daily instead of larger portions 2 to 3 times daily. This way your food will brake down easily.

5. Imbibe Discipline in your Weight Loss and Diet program: Anyone can decide to lose weight. However, for you to successful shed off that extra weight, you need to cultivate a habit of discipline. You must be able to avoid the temptation of eating the wrong kinds of food. You should also be able to overcome feelings of laziness or tiredness and stick to your exercising schedule. There must be a consistent and strict commitment to take part in your program if you are to achieve your goal.

Many people who do not succeed in losing weight in spite of their efforts will find that some of these common reasons listed above are applicable to them. Once you can identify your area of weakness, then you are on your way to addressing that challenge and begin a successful weight loss program.


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