Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Simple Work out Routine for Weight Loss

Weight loss is perhaps one of the common goals for lot of people in today’s world. As a result of this high demand, there are also a large number of people who claim some form of the latest magic solution that will ensure you get rid of excess weight overnight at a cost.
No doubt a lot of these weight loss programs are quite effective, even though also expensive. They require you to be very disciplined if you are to successfully shed the excess fat.  It is true that discipline is important to achieve anything worthwhile. But there is another way.
A lot of people who need to lose weight are also equally turned off by the mere thought of having to exercise. If you want to successfully lose weight then you will have to reduce the amount of calories that you take in. It is impossible to avoid this fact and still hope to lose weight even with today’s fast paced world of magic pills and quick fixes. It is a myth to believe that you actually lose weight without making necessary sacrifices.
Even though you may actually see some immediate results in such microwave programs, they are very minimal and cannot be maintained on a continuous basis.
Take a moment to think about the simple task of exercise. It is really not as bad as it sounds. When you leave your house to take a walk around your neighborhood for about 15 minutes, you have already done some form of exercise, and that simple walk alone has immense benefits. Instead of driving to the mall, you can decide to walk and you will discover that exercise can be more fun than task as you will notice interesting sights that you have previously missed.  Also, you would have saved up on your gas or even meet an old friend you can catch up with over mineral water or walk together with.
There are many benefits you will gain from simple walking or jogging, need I mention weight loss, improved muscle tone and even a healthier body. Your heart and lungs will also be healthier. In the beginning you are sure to notice some stiffness but it is simply because your body is adapting to a change in activity, and soon you will begin to feel very good about yourself. This simple act of walking will put you a step above others who only talk about losing weight – you will actually be doing something about it. This wills kind of warm up your muscle to get ready for some more rigorous work out.
To maintain your motivation to continue walking, it is advisable to find a walking/jogging/running partner. When you and your partner commit to meeting regularly, this will encourage you to continue. You could even use walking as a means to raise funds for charity by entering into a local fun run competition. Over time, your confidence will improve and you can consider joining a local club.
Walking/jogging/running is the best way to lose weight that does not cost you much of your hard earned money. With a small investment you are set to begin. Basically all you need are a pair of shoes (trainers) which you probably already have, some work out outfit and you can get started.


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