Friday, April 29, 2011

Weight Loss- Oxygen (Ozone) Therapy

Human body fat consists of three basic components. They are hydrogen, carbon and oxygen molecules. They are some small substances stored within the fat cells too.

When extra oxygen is added to the body fat, it results into Water(H20) and Carbon dioxide (CO2). Water is sent to the blood stream and it passes through the kidney and then comes out as urine while Carbon dioxide is excreted from the body through respiration. It comes out simply when you breathe out.

Oxygen or Ozone Therapies are used by a number of alternative medicine practitioners around the world. It is more popular in Europe than in the USA. Practitioners are also found in Canada and Mexico. Although, oxygen therapy has been banned by so many governments, there is ample evidence that it is more effective and cheaper than most patent drugs and it has little or no side-effects.

The truth is that there is little or no evidence that oxygen therapy can reduce body fat, although theoretically, it is possible.

Some breathing techniques have been said to aid weight loss, but many people are not convinced that it is actually true. The theory behind these breathing techniques is not merely due to the intake of the oxygen, but that the human body's metabolic process expels waste matter, including carbon dioxide, when we breathe out. Our air intake is higher in oxygen than what we expire, and we breath out more carbon dioxide than we breath in.

The breathing technique is believed to enhance and maximize the expulsion of carbon dioxide from our bodies being the waste matter created when the oxygen dissolves body fat.

Personally, I am not convinced about this theory but I know that aerobic exercises will make you breathe in and breathe out more. So, there could be an element of truth in the theory. Hence, I recommend it in addition to your diet and your regular daily exercises. You really do not have anything to lose while trying it out.


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