Friday, April 29, 2011

Is Weight Loss All About Counting Calories, Controlling Carbs, Exercising…. Or Is There More to It?

It has been established that about tow-third of the world population is overweight while half of the two-third are already obese. Weight loss has gone beyond what you do to only to keep fit. It has become a must because of the ailments linked to obesity.

Regular physical activities are being discouraged in schools directly and indirectly. Adult and children now sit in front of computers, game boys and even televisions all through the day. This is one of the reasons for the rapid spread of obesity.

If you think regular exercises and changing your diet is not for you, check the following tips out.

1.   Sometimes we neutralize our weight loss efforts through one form of sabotage or the other. Search your diet, check your lifestyle too. Is there anything that you are doing that can make you regain the weight you are losing through exercises?

2.   You should ensure that you eat the right nutrients, vitamins and minerals as they all play a role in your weight loss program. Secondly, dieting is not just about eating carbohydrate, protein and fat. It is about eating them in the right quantities and proportions.

3.   To lose your weight, you have to do regular exercises, eat the right kind of foods at the     right time and take enough rest. But you can get maximum result if you strike a very good balance among all the weight loss activities mentioned above.

4.   You have to realize the fact that long lasting healthy weight loss can not happen overnight. It has to be a very gradual process. Just like how you can’t become obese overnight, you can’t also shed your weight overnight. You have to be losing your weight little by little over a pretty long period of time. You Will achieve your goal if you keep losing the weight constantly.

5.   Most people make the mistake of concentrating on only weight loss without improving your health. You have to realize that weight loss that is not balanced with proper functioning of the body will give you an ailment instead of your goal. If you concentrate on weight loss alone and you do not put healthy living into consideration, you could shed some weight though, but you’ll look like someone who has emaciated due to one sickness or the other. Healthy living is so important. It is so important that if you concentrate only on healthy living, you will automatically shed some weight too.


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