Thursday, April 28, 2011

Things People Generally Don't Want to Hear About Weight Loss

As much as you may want to look fit and trim, you should realize that there is a limit to the changes that can occur in your body. You can’t elongate your torso. Neither can you make your legs longer. You can’t also make your feet smaller. But you can still work on the kind of body you have and look great. Any slim, strong and healthy looking individual can be attractive, especially when he/she has some self-confidence.

Being muscular with more weight is better than being flabby with less weight. The former would keep you stronger, more active and more vibrant. You need to know that weight loss is not just loss of weight but it is loss of weight with some physical fitness.

Losing a substantial amount of weight while keeping fit can not happen in a week. It is a gradual thing. If you want to trim down for a particular occasion, you should start working on your weight a long time before the event.

Getting fit like every other endeavor in life requires your dedication. It requires some work, some planning and most importantly, some actions coupled with a little discipline. You should also avoid procrastination. The earlier you start the better. 

While it is true that you can shed your weight by changing your diet alone, it is better you support your diet with some exercises for proper functioning of your heart and better body build. Without exercises, you could become thin but still have some fat-filled body.

You should realize that food is important in any weight loss program. Your body needs protein, carbohydrate and certain kind of fats. It also requires some vitamins and minerals to make it grow well. Enough of all these nutrients can only be gotten from eating properly. It is also advisable to add a variety of fresh vegetables and fruit to your diet.

Weight loss is not something you can achieve overnight since you didn’t gain all the weight overnight. It has to be a gradual process. So, you have to be patient and consistent. If you do not notice any result after a few months, then you have gotten something wrong somewhere. You need to assess and evaluate the whole process. Keeping a journal would help you keep track of your weight loss activities.

It is not possible to reduce the fats on a particular part of your body. Even if you concentrate on only that part during your exercise sessions, the body would be burning the fats evenly over all the parts of your body. This is because the body works towards a uniform shedding of weight.

There are no short cuts to weight loss. If anybody tells you that there’s a magic pill that would make you shed some weight in a few hours, he may probably be planning to defraud you. You should go through the fundament knowledge on how the body gains and loses weight and fat to avoid another scam.

Weight loss should not stop. It has to continue for the rest of your life. After shedding enough weight, you have to maintain your shape, or you’ll regain some lost weight in no time. Don’t feel bad about it. Nothing is too much to sacrifice for a long and healthy life, filled with energy, strength and an overall sense of well being.


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