Thursday, April 28, 2011

Weight Loss Advice for Bear Drinkers

It is a known fact that reducing your carbohydrate intake is a very good weight loss strategy. If you are a social drinker that takes beer once in a while, you need not bother about the carbohydrate content of your beer so much. But if you are a regular drinker, then you should watch the carbohydrate content of your beer. If the carbohydrate content in it is high, you may be gaining back through your beer intake the calories you lose through food. It would definitely stagnate your weight loss progress because you will be in an endless roller coaster. Since beer drinkers do not have access to the content and nutritional information of the regularly brewed beer, they have restricted themselves to only light beer that are known to have low-carbohydrate even though most drinkers do not like its taste.

For the benefit of anyone who's considering using the low-carbohydrate approach to shedding unwanted pounds, here's a list of some popular beers with their carbohydrate contents. Kindly note that all carbohydrate values are for twelve-ounce servings only:

Anchor Steam 16.00,
Bitburger Pils 9.05,
Boston Beer Summer Ale 15.85,
Budejovicky Budwar (Czechvar) 13.49,
Cooper's Genuine Draught 7.02,
Coors Blue Moon Belgian White 12.87,
Corona Extra 13.99,
Grant's Scottish Ale 12.70,
Harpoon IPA 12.00,
Leinenkugel Original 13.90,
New Belgium Fat Tire 13.66,
Pete's Strawberry Blonde 13.70,
Pilsner Urquell 14.70,
Warsteiner Premium Fresh 12.78,
Spoetzl's Shiner Summer Stock 10.50.


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