Thursday, April 28, 2011

20 Weight Loss Tips

1. One step at a time
You can not do everything all at once. You have to start adopting a healthy lifestyle one step at a time. For instance, all the foods you want to give up. You have to start by reducing the quantity and the number of times you eat each of them. When that is done, you can reduce them further,
and even further, until you stop eating all of them completely. The same thing goes for exercises. You have to start with less strenuous ones that you enjoy. Later you can take it to a higher level by doing more strenuous ones in longer sessions.

2. You Need a friend
It is advisable to get a friend with whom you will you start your weight loss program. It is necessary because you will give each other a push whenever it becomes necessary. Besides, you are likely to be competitive about it and that would push you to intensify your efforts. 

3. Make of Use weights
Use a lot of weights for better and faster muscle building. Apart from that, weights would make you burn your body fats and calories faster.
4. Set a goal
Set a weight loss target for yourself and write it down somewhere. Check it regularly while you work towards shedding as much weight as you target to shed by the set date.

5. Eat less carbs
Learn to cut down your carbohydrate intake. This will in turn reduce your calorie level.

6. Stop consuming soda
Drinking soda would add to your calories. It is advisable to stop soda completely. But if it is too difficult for you, you should start by reducing the quantity you drink daily. You should continue to reduce it more and more while you drink more water until you can completely do without soda.

7. Avoid junk food
Make sure you eat before going out. It would reduce your chances of buying junk food out of sudden hunger. You should also stop stocking your home with junk foods. The more you see them the more you are tempted to eat them.
8. Eat breakfast
Make sure you eat breakfast everyday. If you have to eat any caloric food, eat it in your breakfast. You should also stop eating after 8pm in the night. It would also reduce your calorie intake and make you sleep better.

9. Grilled or boiled not Fried Meat
You should completely avoid fried meat. You can eat boiled and grilled ones instead. You can spice it as much as possible to make it very tasty.

10. You deserve a treat
If there is any food item that you have been feeling like eating for sometime, you can take it after a long while and keep taking it once in a while, but watch the quantity you take.

11. Don’t Use Large plates
Trick yourself into believing that you are eating more by using a smaller plate.

12. Drink lots of water
Drink water when you are feeling hungry and you will get that 'full' feeling.  Don’t underestimate the importance of water, it is the most essential and you need lots of it for proper body metabolism.

13. Form the Habit of Having Leftovers
Many times we eat just because it's there. Pay attention to when you have had enough. Don’t eat everything because you don’t want to waist food.

14. Eat more frequently like 5 to 6 times daily
You should eat about five to six times a day because eating more frequently will not make you get hungry and you will have constant supply of energy. But make sure you eat smaller meals frequently instead of large meals a few times a day that way your meal can digest easily.

15. Have a for Plan your workout sessions
You should write your workout sessions in your journal, planner or even a diary. This is very vital, this way you can be consistent and committed to your weight loss program.

16. Avoid fad diets Programs
Fad diets are not effective. If you lose weight rapidly, there is every likelihood that you’ll regain it almost as rapidly as you lost it. You could even gain more than your original weight. Effective weight loss should be a gradual process.

17. 30 Minutes Workout (3 Times Weekly) or 10 Minutes Workout (Every Day)
You should do as much workouts as possible on a daily basis. You could do some crunches and leg lifts while you are watching TV.

18. Control your food
If you decide to have junk food for a snack - be sure to measure and control what you eat.

19. Keep pre-cut vegetables
This would help you ward off some cravings for food and make you less hungry.

20. Maintain Good Habits
It is a known fact that when we do something twenty-one times it becomes a habit. Create good eating habits.


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