Thursday, April 28, 2011

Give up on my Habits Until I'm Thinner!

If you don't take pleasure in the life you have for the reason that you think you don't look excellent in shorts or you can't bring yourself to put on a bathing suit, you're engaging in nothing more than purely wasting your life. Perhaps you don't strike as a bathing beauty but who does? I've listened to so many people telling me that they would sacrifice anything to be at a weight they once were, but when questioned they almost constantly say, "Now that I consider it, I had the impression I was fat back then too," but you know what? That was not true. The same people are at times surprised to see pictures of themselves as a teenager or young adult; "I wasn't overweight by any means," they'll declare.

Where do these worries start off if not within our minds, and that makes me marvel - is this another method of the brain in attempting to restrain us from making the necessary efforts to affect change?  Keep in mind, your brain will do anything necessary to maintain things the way they are, at least initially, so crazy ideas about the future may be blurring your decision.

It's doubtful you'll hear somebody on their death bed say, "If only I'd spent more hours doing my job," but more probable they'll say, "I wish I'd used up more time staying with my family." proceed and spend that time at the moment, doing what you find irresistible, being with people you take pleasure in. If you enjoy being outdoors, be outdoors. Do you like the water but you haven't gone for a dip in a pool for 20 years for the reason that you think you look terrible in a swimming outfit? Who cares? Go and swim, today, tomorrow, or next week. Just go.

It's Not Always about you
Consider this; Sally cannot afford to go out for the reason that she’s afraid someone might see her in a size 22 dress. She's uncomfortable and too self conscious, so she doesn't date. She was going to work one day she had to stop and purchase some stamps. John overtakes her on the road on his way to the Post Office, but she didn't notice him as she was concentrating on her shoes and feeling bad about herself. As John was approaching the Post Office he's pondering on how he wants to exercise at the gym but he can't seem bring himself to start. In any case, "Everyone will observe me and laugh at me." Mary, the clerk is putting on a dress that no longer her size because she's shed 25 lbs. yet she can't make a decision to buy new clothes because of, "What people’s opinion will be." She's misplaced in her meditations and almost gives John the wrong change, which he barely become aware of because he's thinking about the gym and the dreadfulness of everyone becoming aware of him and pointing.

None of Sally, John or Mary noticed anybody but themselves. None of them observed the other even when they had a chance. Amazingly none of us is the heart of attention expect maybe at your own wedding, and at times not even then. So, stop being so selfish and come out of your shell and do what you want to do. Certainly there are always people who will make offensive comments, but hey, they do not know you. They don't understand your situation. They know nothing about you and in all probability never will, and guess what? They don't actually bother, which is why they enjoy being impolite to unfamiliar persons, so why should you?

Show concern where you can make a difference. Show concern when you can aid someone without expecting something in back. Life is short. The days run by in a continuous flow from one moment to the next and what you achieve with this life is exclusively your decision. It's not constantly about food.


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