Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More Tips on How to Lose Weight Fast

We have learnt the most important steps to take to lose weight. But there are also little tips that you may think are not important but would make a big difference if incorporated in your weight loss program and taken seriously.
Learn to take a lot of water. Take a glass in the morning, take it at night and also take it after every meal. Water has no calories. It helps in flushing out a lot waste materials from our systems. It also prevents constipation and enhances the sufficient absorption of nutrients.
You should eat only when you are hungry. Do not eat because it is your favourite. You should not let nature play a fast one on you. The day you decide to eat only when you are hungry is the day people would start offering you food or snacks wherever you go. It is nature that is just trying to test your determination. Please do not fall for it.

Still on cutting of food intake, please try as much as possible to reduce the snacks you take in between your main meals. It gradually adds to your calories.

Regular exercise is inevitable if you are serious n shedding your weight. I think you should start with your staircase. Learn to shun lifts partially or completely. For instance, if your office is on the tenth floor, you can take the lift to the sixth floor and use the staircase from the sixth to the tenth floor. Or use the staircase to get to the fourth floor and use the lift to complete your journey. It depends on you. That is strenuous enough for an exercise if you make it a daily practice.  Kindly note that ascending the staircase is a better exercise than descending it. It would also give you a better and a faster result.

The most common mistakes people make is skipping their meals. When you do that, it would result in the opposite of what you desire. Instead of skipping meals, take smaller portions and eat more frequently. Eat about 5 to 6 times a day instead of the usual three. Increase your fibre in take, you can find this in fruits. Can and processed foods are not exactly healthy as far as weight loss is concerned.


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