Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fast Weight Loss- the Asian World Diet Pyramid Plan

Have you ever asked yourself if you could truly attain fat loss and get rid of your belly fat once and for all? The answer is, by the means of the Asian slimming world diet plan you can. This is not one of those fashion diet or instant weight loss meal program. It transcends that. As a matter of fact, it is a way of life. We’re discussing an attitude of getting things done, one that can enhance your pursuit of a healthy and lean body promptly and once and for all.
Not every workout aids you in becoming lean. Time and again we see people substaining injuries in the process of training very hard daily in the gym, nonetheless they have not been able to lose any bit of fat. They over work themselves with tough exercises without making any headway. The reason this, they are going about the whole thing the wrong way. Wrong perception- wrong approach!
High intensity cardio
The question is what is the right way to exercise? The first thing you need to alter is your belief about exercise. Exercise should be done in such a way that you will go on loosing fat even when you have finished exercising instead of working out in a way that only burns fat in while you are exercising. The way to achieve is through high intensity cardio exercises.
Intensity is the main thing here. The advantage of high intensity training is that it enables you to accomplish substantial results in little time. The reason is that whenever you exercise you are essentially stressing out your muscles that is, you are tearing them down. In order to recover when your workout is over, your body needs a lot of calories. This repair process boosts your metabolism and increases your body’s fat burning activity over the next two days. In other words, high intensity exercises will make you to go on burning fat even in a time of rest or sleep. This is unlike traditional exercises.
Resistance training
There is also the need to build up your muscles. Though you do not have to make your muscles compete with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s but there is a necessity to add muscle mass in order to reduce your body fat. The truth is that it takes a lot of calories to keep well developed muscles alive. The more developed muscles you have, the more the calories they will consume and consequently, more fat you will melt.
You can ,make your body an efficient fat burning machine by combining high intensity cardio and high intensity resistance training in one workout.
Consume nutrient rich foods
A diet rich in natural nutrient such as the Asian weight loss world diet plan plays a significant role in a speedy shedding of your body fat. The major reason why a lot of people will never achieve six pack abs is inadequate diet. The aged long traditional Asian diet has natural metabolism enhancers that can rely assist in dissolving excess body fat. But more significantly it controls your appetite. This is because if your body is well nourished, you won’t feel the desire to overeat.
Ensure you take a lot of water daily. From the fat loss viewpoint, you should not allow your body to dehydrate for three reasons;
(1)   Your tendency to overeat is increased if you are thirsty
(2)   Your body requires a lot of water to burn fat.
(3)   Your body hoards fat when you are dehydrated
As a rule of thumb you can forget the dream of achieving a pair of ribbed abs if you are not taking a lot of water.  The blending of a healthy natural diet, high intensity cardio and high intensity resistance training is your permit to speedy and enduring fat loss.


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