Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Advantages of Weight Loss

Weight loss has several health advantages. Some of them would be discussed in this article. First of all is the prevention of stroke and heart disease.

Stroke and Heart Disease Prevention
 When you are over weight, you stand a chance of having stroke and a heart disease called angina. The two most popular causes of premature death in America are stroke and heart disease. When you have angina, the amount of oxygen pumped to the heart would be reduced drastically and it can lead to chest pain or even a sudden death. When you are over weight, you also stand the risk of having high level of cholesterol and blood fat in your blood stream. The health implication of that is that there could be an obstruction to free flow of blood and that could lead to stroke or death. That means when you shed your weight, you minimize your chances of having interrupted blood flow and you also reduce your chances of having any of the health conditions mentioned above. Loss of weight would also enhance the proper functioning of the heart.

Prevention of Diabetes
 Diabetes is another serious disease. It can also lead to death if it is not well managed. The worst thing about diabetes is that it is a terminal disease. It has no cure. Once you have it, you would have to keep managing it for the rest of your life. Diabetes have also been linked to too much fat and being over weight. Do you now have an idea of what you stand to avoid when you go for a weight loss program? Please take your weight loss programs seriously for your own good.

Reduction of Pain in the Joints
 When you are excessively overweight, you exert more pressure on your knees, your ankles and even your hips. It could be twice the kind of pressure your joints can comfortably withstand. This would give your joints some stress and tension. It could also lead to pain in the joints. So when you lose some weight you relieve your joints of some unnecessary pressure and save yourself from experiencing pains in your joints. People who are overweight know this too well and you can notice the streess they go thruogh from the way most fat people walk.


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