Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lose Weight Without Going to the Gym

You might poses the most excellent of objectives of being in shape and achieving that toned body you have always admired. However, if  you for one reason or the other you cannot leave the house and make it to the gym, you might have the uncanny feeling that your dreams might not come to pass. Fortunately, there are a lot of uncomplicated exercises you can engage in at home in order to develop your fitness and improve your weight.

Push-ups are one of the excellent means of toning and build up your upper body. This is so easy to do that you can do it on your bare floor at home. Push –ups are also very flexible and if you do  not want to go about it the conventional way from your toes you can choose to do it from your kneels which is an easier option or you can use the wall instead of the floor as your base. Peradventure you are one of those who are afraid of push-ups, well, no one is looking at you.

Another great exercise you can try is the crunches. This helps in amplifying your core muscles and abdominals. Crunches can really be tough, especially if you are making effort to get your head up to your kneels. Though crunches are not so popular just like push-ups, but their effect in working your muscles are glaring almost as soon as you start.

Running is an excellent way of working your cardiovascular. Also it is one of the most effective types of exercise you can engage in. it is recommended that you jog around the block if you have the opportunity but if not, you can jog in on spot for  a period of time. In the alternative, you can bring the gym home by investing in a treadmill. Supplementary ways of working your cardiovascular is through rope skipping and swimming- if you have a swimming pool at home. If you do this constantly, you will in no time notice the difference.

Lastly, if you are eager to work your buttocks, squats are an easy way to give your gluteus maximus the once over. Squatting is a very plain and valuable form of exercise. You can squat at varying degrees and rates with or without pausing mid squat


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