Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why is My Weight Coming Back

You have toiled tirelessly to drop some pounds. Now you are thinking if you quit training, will all the extra weight you you’ve lost come back? Will you go back to being as fat as you were before you started exercising? The answer to the question is straight forward. If you cease in doing your job, will you still get paid? Maybe this is not a good illustration. The message is why would you quit something that will make your health in top shape?

Now let us return to the question. Will all the excess weight return if you quit exercising? Well it is dependent on what you take in and how well you exercise. If you are able to keep your calorie levels under check after you stop exercising then there is a good chance of maintaining your fitness. If that is not so, you are on your way to regaining the lost weight. Nevertheless it is not advisable to use only diet as the only means of weight control. If you were lean, stopping regular exercise will surely make you lose a large chunk of your muscle mass. Exercising tears down your muscle. These torn down muscles are repaired during recovery assuming you are eating appropriately. Your muscles will increase in size and strength in order to adjust to the intense workload during you exercises. If you stop weight lifting, there is nothing for your muscles to adjust to.

Prolonged absence of exercise will make your muscles to reduce and adjust to the little workload you engage them with. Consequently, this will make your muscles to reduce to the size they were before you started.

Nevertheless, genetics is a strong factor for some people. This implies that those who have a tendency to be fat will add a lot of weight while those who have the tendency to be lean will go back to being skinny. The endomorphs are more likely to add more weight compared to the ectomorphs. This likelihood is increased in the endomorphs if they go back to their previous habits. Nevertheless, your diet and your physical engagements have the most significant influence on what your appearance is like no matter what you genes say.

If you have never engaged in regular exercise before, you might not have to bother yourself about this. You will be encouraged every time you notice your improvement when you look into the mirror. You will be happy with yourself every time you can carry a few pounds heavier than what you’ve lifted previously. The more the thickness of your muscle the more you appear well built. There is a natural tendency to get addicted to Weight lighting, therefore you do not need to bother yourself that you will someday get tired of going to the gym.


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