Thursday, April 28, 2011

Weight Loss Dieting- Which is Good Food and which is Bad Food?

We've come into the dusk Zone when it comes to the huge number of diets being advanced today. Beginning with the Atkins Diet, then there was the South Beach Diet, now the Hamptons Diet and more. All have higher levels in protein, lower levels in carbs, but the difference should be superiority of carbs, not exempting one nutrient totally. If you subscribe to the Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet or any other type of a high protein/low carb diet. Only change from taking low quality carbs like processed flour and sugar products (suppose if it is packaged in a pack, its likely low quality) to taking more whole food products such as fresh vegetables and fruits - of course fruits.

Natural vs. Processed Apple which is Better
I understand that the conventional Atkins Diet doesn't promote much fruit (too high sugar) nevertheless consider it for a minute. My strong conviction is that an apple is an excellent food; a basin of Apple Jacks cereal may not be at the same level. One is particularly processed and made sweet by adding white sugar and corn syrup, and the other is fresh, plucked from the plant and made sweet by the sun. Which would you prefer? It’s not advisable reject fresh fruit for the purpose of following your low carb diet religiously.

Doing away with healthy, nutritious foods is not the finest way to learn to eat better, but rigorously reducing the regularity of taking highly processed foods is. I visited a website which named it GM or MM: God Made or Man Made. If you think of those expressions when you make a choice of food, you’ll understand it better. No one in condemning eating of chips or anything you fancy, but make them once in awhile - and take the GM foods more often.

Dieting- Making the Fight Food Choice(stopped here)Common sense will tell you which food to eat. If you are on Atkins, South Beach or any other type of low carb diet, stay away from processed foods, not natural foods. Avoid "instant" breakfast, and cook whole rolled oats for example. Certainly you might have to get up 10 minutes in advance, oh well. But it’s worth it!

You can stick to a higher protein food program; however this one slight modification will permit you to carry on with your eating plan for life, rather than a brief period. I'd go mad if I’m unable to take my daily apple, banana or other fruit. I find fruits pleasurable. I think there's a really nice reason humans want sweet foods - Vitamin C, and other nutrients, including bio-flavnoids.

Is it Possible that you can be Addicted to Fruits?
I heard someone whine they were "obsessed with fruits" and I had to marvel, what do they eat? The person who avoids eating fruits just because they think it contains a lot of sugar, possibly does eat cookies, crackers and sugary cereals. They may even take synthetically flavored and sugared drinks, but they abstain from natural foods, grown from our earth? That is not sensible, if you consider it. Did our planet grow and flourish purely on processed foods? Definitely not, they are very modern in the advancement of our world. Very recent, as a matter of fact, we've had processed foods less than 200 years whereas planet earth is millions of years old.

With the prevalence of obesity, and our increasing intake of processed foods, it's difficult not to conclude that one causes the other. You won't take notice of any big manufacturing outfit stating that case since our economy is dependent on us purchasing the manufactured goods being made by the corporations that provide work for us. You'll never see any headline that reads “scientists revealed that processed flour kills," even if it were proved to be rue for the reason that it doesn't support our lifestyle. We could not do without industry.

Observing the scourge of food sicknesses like as Mad Cow, and now Bird Flu, I can foresee a society exclusive of the mass produced meat industry. I see it coming to pass - only your local farm will be permitted to sell meat for the reason that the big farm industries cannot promise the safety of the food supply. Meat will turn out to be much more costly because if they cannot mass produce it any longer, the only way the price will go is up. So we either grippe and complain about our calamity or we   thinking of meat as something to relish and take pleasure in like the Sunday roasts we had in the past? We never took meat every day then – and as a result we didn’t grow so fat either. We just didn't eat as much junk foods. For Most of us, our moms were at home cooking us dinner, fixing our lunches and even preparing our breakfasts.

Yes, advancement marches on, but when it concerns your body, common sense is the best judge. The Common Sense Diet! Make an effort on it today.


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