Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Usefulness of Keeping Daily Journals about your Weight Loss Experience!

Though every dieter recognizes that keeping food documentations is significant to lasting weight loss, not many know the value of also keeping an "emotional journal." As a matter of fact, one dieter shed 100 pounds, partially due to the insights gathered through daily journaling.

Dieting for weight loss can be as straightforward as keeping that food diary, or (the more demanding) dropping into the dark waters of the psyche. For instance, which emotions inspire, impair, side-track, or encourage? Which people are encouraging, which ones weaken your focus with nasty comments or continuous enticements to ice creams and candies? All will be disclosed inside your private journal.

Of all the journal exercises for gaining insight, a much loved is the "Letter to My Body." In this exercise, the dieter actually writes a letter to self, being as sincere as possible. An example may be "Dear Fat Body, I detest you, I detest you, and I detest you. I extreme dislike your rolls of fat on me, I hate that my knees are painful, I hate that you'd rather eat a Danish instead of  letting  me feel great about myself. I abhor the fact that you've been good all day and I know that tonight you'll be a pig."

What does that type of letter achieve? For lots of people--instead of adding to a previously huge portion of self-antipathy--it provides a powerful way of identifying and overturning trigger situations. In this illustration, when nighttime do come and the person writing the journal heads for the pint of Ben and Jerry's, there's a good possibility the letter will be kept in mind. And, an even better probability that instead of taking a pint, a few or none will be selected.

Journaling to lose weight also entails writing about how your food selections will make you feel tomorrow when you climb the scale, or when you sit  down to journal again. And, as you note down these words to self, you'll rapidly begin to join the dots, and follow the ways in which everyday life affects your food choices.

Keeping a journal will also assist with weight loss as it's almost impracticable to get to know you on a profound, close level and then carry on with an unhelpful behavior. Luckily, we're just not fashioned that way.

So this evening, as a replacement for of settling in with a pizza and beer, take some time to pen a letter to yourself and scrutinize what your desire is really about. I guarantee you, it isn't food.


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