Monday, April 18, 2011

Criticized for Being Obesed? Face your Critics!

There are people around us who have taken all the recommendations, carefully dieted and worked out with indisputable exertion for extensive periods of time, nevertheless still fall short of attaining their weight loss goals.
It is even more distressing for some of us who are truly making great efforts in fighting obesity and the allegations of indolence and lethargy from those slim people who take junk every time and exhibit  no physical indication of their own over eating. They keep asking "Why can't you just be like every other person?”  "It must be completely your fault" as they make it sound.

"In spite of everything," they say in sarcastic tone, "Losing weight is effortless. All you need do is to reduce your eating and increase your work outs. If you don't shed weight, you are just feeble minded and not working hard enough.
Everyone who has in no way had a real predicament thinks they have all the simple answers. Those fundamental needless oversimplifications we see from others just about every day of our lives is seldom recognized yet very authentic and serious form of prejudice, just like the same types of incorrect thinking as discrimination against race, skin color, creed, gender, and other well renowned forms of detestation.

As a matter of fact, experience has educated me that the less a person’s knowledge of obesity and weight loss, the more knowledge they think they have.
"The more knowledge we acquire about obesity, the more we understand how little we truly know and how much more there is to find out."

Whenever someone verbally criticizes you for having excess body fat and attempts to tell you how simple it is to be thin & fit, ask them what counsel they would give to that man whose case some of the best obesity researchers in the world are not yet acquainted with.
Then, while your critic is looking dumbfounded and fumbling for some feeble explanation, strike them with a few more questions, such as:

Why is it that babies that have large weight at birth   have a noticeably higher rate of obesity than babies with normal weight at birth?
And, given the above fact, exactly in what way do you suppose I could have controlled my birth weight?
Are you familiar with what your metabolic rate is? If you do not, why do you presuppose to think you know mine?
Do you think everyone has the same norepinephrine levels? Oh, you don't even understand what norepinephrine is, huh?
Why is it that some people add weight during traumatic times notwithstanding the fact that other people shed weight, no matter what they eat?
How do you expect an obese person to even be able to do more physical activities compared to a   person that is not?
Tell me the names of five minerals (not vitamins) that are fundamental for hormonal function, and clarify which of these hormones has a dissimilar impact on brain signals controlling desire for food and metabolism.
Tell me what you know about Insulin Resistance Syndrome, its causes, its symptoms, and how to treat it.
Which of these has the least nutrient worth to the human body - (a) 100 calories of unadulterated fat, (b) 100 calories of wholesome protein, or (c) 100 calories of pure carbohydrate? (Parenthetically - Your critic will almost certainly say Fat. The right answer is C. The human body in fact needs fats and proteins for different metabolic and physiological purposes. Unadulterated carbohydrate has no recognized distinctive use in the human body because the body can convert either fats or proteins according to requirements into blood glucose, just like what it does with carbohydrate.)

Some of the most prosperous business people, scientists, philosophers and artists all through   history of humanity have had issues with obesity. Would you rightly say that such flourishing and prominent people who have made an impacts the world as we know it today are "feeble minded"?
When you witness the jaw of your critic drop to the floor, as their countenance drop and they look like they've been run over by a runaway train, when their quietness shows that their lack of knowledge and intolerance has been comprehensively exposed, just peacefully walk away.

At these junctions, both of you come to agree that, though you may be the one carrying disproportionate body weight, it is your critic who has the major challenge.


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