Sunday, April 17, 2011

Five Tips for Losing Belly Fat Without Surgery

A big tummy can make us have a feeling of self-consciousness and unattractiveness. Many have tried various methods of losing belly fat but without results. Some perhaps have even considered surgery. This although is not obligatory.
This write up illustrates 5 methods of losing body fat. If you really want to achieve a flat belly there is a need to alter your eating habits and your way of life. Once you effect this change you should begin to see the difference in your waistline.
Below are 5 nuggets to lose belly fat quickly without surgery:

Though this might be difficult but exercising is a certain way to lose pounds. The secret is to concentrate only on exercises that work the belly region. As a substitute to going through long and tedious exercise, for which a lot of us do not have the luxury of time, just undertake these 3 simple exercises twice daily:
Sit Ups: X 20
The Plank: Hold for 1 minute
Bicycle Kick: X 20 each leg
Once you master them you then add to the number/length of the exercise.

 In the process of trying to lose your belly fat you should avoid fatty foods. Principally those foods with high levels of saturated fat, Also stay away from lots of carbohydrate such as bread, rice and pasta. In the alternative, you should take a lot of fruit, vegetables and salads.
Lowering the level of your calorie intake is another definite way of losing weight. An excellent way of doing this is to decrease the portion size of your food. You can use smaller sized plates and bowls and do not return for second rounds.

Regular water drinking is vital and should be part of any diet. It is recommended that you drink at least two liters (8glasses) daily.  Of course, this should be increased during hot days or if you are working out. Enough water drinking enables the body to maintain good health and can even reduce hunger pangs. If you keep this up, you will have an additional advantage of a healthier looking skin and supplementary energy.

Try imagining yourself with a flat belly. Positive thinking is a great away to stay focused and is a method employed by countless people to attain their objectives. If you spend ten minutes daily practicing this system, it could make a real difference in attaining your aim of a flat belly.

Starting a professional diet program is an excellent help in losing weight. They map out everything for you and take the tedious part out of getting rid of pounds. An added advantage is that they often educate you on how to sustain it so that you can remain slim for life.


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