Monday, August 6, 2012

Top 20 Healthy Weight Loss Foods (part 1)

You keep asking yourself what to eat to lose weight, well here is the answer. Below is a compilation of very healthy weight loss natural unprocessed foods that your body needs to eighter maintain weight or achieve weight loss.
(1)Plain popcorn (preferably the ones with low amount of salt)
(3)Wild rice
(4)Pitta bread
(6)Wheat breads (stay away from white)
(7)Granary bread
(8)Wheat Germ
(10)Wholegrain cereals
(11)Healthy weight loss foods high in fiber like Bran
(12)Brown rice (not polished and processed rice)
(15)Shredded wheat
(16)Whole wheat pretzels
(17) Wheat Bagel
(18)Cassava (not the flour)
(20 Potatoes (sweet potatoes)


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