Monday, August 6, 2012

Is Wheat Germ A Healthy Weight Loss Food?

Cutting down saturated fat, means cutting down mainly the quantity of meat you consume. As you do this, you also risk cutting down on vital nutrients as well. As a capable replacement, wheat germ is the ideal healthy weight loss food. This grain contains an array of vital minerals, as well as all essential zinc and iron.

Wheat germ, a healthy weight loss food, is wheat kernel's inner content. Sadly enough, it is the part of the wheat kernel which is taken off during processing of wheat in processed and refined flour. When it comes to jazing you up with nutrients, wheat germ is most definitely a leading food source.

What Are The Health Benefits?

No doubt, wheat germ is definitely great food, reputed to be one of the best folic acid source. Folic acid is recommended in sufficient quantity for all potential mothers as it aids in the prevention of a defect in neural tube delivery. Folic acid in the body, has the ability to lower homocysteine. Reduced amount of homocysteine has been associated with lowering the tendency of presenting with sicknesses such as heart problems, dementia and even osteoporosis.

Wheat germ is fiber rich and this is necessary for weight loss as it enables you to stay full for longer period, helping you to eat less and lose extral weight. Whaet germ also has a very essential antioxidant which is vital for your health.

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