Monday, August 6, 2012

Is Sweet Potatoe A Healthy Weight Loss Food?

I'm sure you are quiet conversant with the nutritional health value of sweet potatoes. However, i'm not quiet sure if every one knows how possible it is for you to achieve weight loss by eating potatoes. This healthy weight loss food, comes enriched with high concentration of fiber. It is contains a very low amount of calorie and high quantity of water.

Fiber In Sweet Potatoe

The importance of potatoe when it comes to weight loss, is it high fiber base. For many reasons, dietary fiber is vital when you intend to lose weight. As you may know, fiber is heavy, this is to say that foods that has fiber in large amount takes up larger space in your belly when consumed. Fiber enables you to eat less as you feel full for longer hours. Being a bulky food, fiber takes longer time to break down and digest. As hinted before, it will consequently take a longer period of time for foods high in fiber to go away from your stomach and transport into your digestive system. Slow digestion curbs naturally, overeating and by implication decreasing the quantity of calories consumed which has the potency to result in increase in weight ( high calorie consumption = weight gain). Clarely, there is no doubting the fact that the high amount of fiber in potatoe makes it a reputable healthy weight loss food.

Low Calorie In Sweet Potatoe

Avoiding excess calorie is paramount to losing weight, this makes sweet potatoe an ideal weight loss food as it has very little amount of calorie. Unlike white or Irish potatoes which contains up to 500 calorie per serving, sweet potatoe has just 100 calories per serving. If your intention is to remove 1 pound of fat from your body, the you need to remove at least 500 calories from your diet every day and sweet potatoe is just the right food to help you achieve that. In a creative sense, you avoid more calories by opting in for sweet potatoe in place of white potatoe. Here is a simple suggestion, why not use mashed sweet potatoe to prepare your pancake then you will not have to add any artificial sweetner.

Water In Sweet Potatoe

Talking of water, sweet potatoe also comes with water and ths is vital for permanent weight loss. Water takes up a large percent of the human body, little wonder it responds positivly to foods that has a lot of water in them. Just the same way fiber occupies large space in our stomach, water does the same. So with the presence of high fiber and water in sweet potatoes, it is the perfect healthy weight loss food. Sweet potatoe not only reduce weight, but also stops your weight from coming back.


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