Monday, August 6, 2012

Is Whole Wheat Bread A Healthy Weight Loss Food?

I bet you are quiet aware that the best quality of wheat is whole wheat and it is important for weight loss, but simply because a bread has brown colour does not make it whole whaet bread. When you see a bread labeled wheat bread, and you see wheat flour as the constituent ingredient, even then there is not enough proof to show that it is whole wheat. I don't mean to sound confusing, but wheat simply means the entire grain the flour itself is produced from. A food made from wheat flour can be termed "wheat" and this includes even processed white bread so long as it has wheat flour in it. Wheat flour bread is coloured with caramel to make it brown, that's not whole wheat bread.

Is the producer of this coloured bread trying to decieve you? I don't think so.Could be decieved by the label? Of course yes. This is info is ment to guard you so you are sure of what you are purchasing. Armed with the right info,you would definitely make the right choice of bread for your weight loss progress.

Too bad a lot of persons are still of the opinion that bread could make you gain weight. Contrary to this view, bread in your diet could play a huge role in weight loss. Whole wheat bread especially, usually has low fat and is very high in fiber. Due to the fact that you can apply bread as meal in different ways, there is the tendency of of consuming more servings of bread in your daily meal as replacement for other foods high in fiber. So long as your are not consuming it with fatty filling, bread is definitely an ideal healthy weight loss food. Even when you eat up to 8 to12 slice of bread a day, you will still lose weight but be sure that you consume other foods low in calorie. Please keep in mind that you don't need butter in your bread if you want to lose weight. You could use olive oil, a better and healthier alternative that also has a fantastic taste.


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