Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Natural Foods for Weight Loss

A lot of fad diets can help you to lose weight. However, as soon as you complete the diet, you are likely to put on all the weight again. Losing weight does not have to be a difficult task because there is a lot of healthy food options that can help you keep off the extra pounds. Making these foods part of your diet on a regular basis will ensure that you retain a healthy size and shape.
·        Avocados – Some people see avocadoes as an unhealthy food choice because they have high amounts of fat and calories. What they don’t know is that the fat contained in avocadoes are the healthy type, and are essential for the body to absorb other nutrients. Even the calories are also full of essential nutrients that the body needs. When your diet consists of avocadoes, you will be full and able to avoid other empty calorie foods. In taking avocadoes, you can mash them up as dressing for your salad, or dice them with rice and beans. For lovers of fruit smoothies, mixing avocadoes with other fruits gives you a rich and creamy flavor.
·        Nuts and Seeds – Another food that contains high amounts of fats and calories are nuts and seeds. You may have been warned to eat these moderately, but in reality these kinds of fats and calories are essential for your body. Nuts are easy to pack up on a journey so you can munch on them at intervals. For your salads, they equally make good toppings. To take advantage of their nutrients, it is recommended that you eat them raw or toast them lightly in coconut oil. This will bring out their flavor.
·        Leaf Vegetables – Your digestive system should be cleaned regularly, and leaf vegetables provide the nutrients and fiber that help to clean out your system. This in turn will help you lose weight. Because they have low calorie content, you can also mix them up with avocadoes, nuts and seeds. When making salad, combine your leaf vegetables with mashed avocado, some lemon juice and some salt. Onions and garlic will also help and you can include them if you like them. They help to improve your body’s overall health.
·        Sprouts – if you want to lose weight, then sprouts is another food that should be included in your diet because they are very healthy and also cheap. It is also not difficult to find them as you can have sprouts growing right there in your own kitchen. Any seed that has been organically prepared can be sprouted, and then can be used in salads, sandwiches, wraps and smoothies. However, ensure that you wash them thoroughly before you use them. Also remove the hulls from their seeds and that there is no mold on them.
A regular addition of these foods in your diet will cause you to gradually lose weight. This is a preferable method for losing weight, because when you lose weight drastically, it is not healthy and you are likely to regain it over time.


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