Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Salt Water Flush or Master Cleanse

Have you ever tried the Master Cleanse or Salt Water Flush? Maybe your experience was unpleasant, just like my first time. I just could not keep the salt water down. I found it too salty and it left me feeling like I had been through some sort of trauma. Just the thought that I would have to go through another session was a nightmare on its own.  I am not trying to blow things out of proportion because this is exactly how I felt.
Perhaps, for other people, the process is less distasteful. At least I am aware of one person who is able to carry out the flush exercise without feeling any displeasure. This may be just a unique situation however, and since I am persuaded to finish my 10-days Master Cleanse program, I had to do some research online.
This article is not intended to discourage you from such products. It only aims to inform the sensitive ones amongst us. In the end, I was able to find a way to drink salty water.
·        You should alternate your salt-water mix with water so that the water washes down the salty taste. However, be careful that you do not consume too much water so as not to dilute the salty water.
·        When taking the flush, try holding your nose together.  You could also keep your eyes shut. As a kid I would do this, whenever I did not like the taste of the food I was eating. As funny as this sounds, it does work and even has a scientific basis. Because taste is influences by what you smell, pinching your nose makes the flavor less noticeable.
·        Very similar to the second trick, this one involves your imagination where you can pretend to be drinking a chicken soup/broth. Some people may not be able to pull this off, unless you have a great imagination.
·        Another weird trick that actually works is to use a straw while drinking the salt water. The reason this trick works is because the taste buds that are sensitive to salty taste are at the tip and sides, so using a straw causes you to avoid those taste buds, and the saltiness of the mixture.
·        If none of the tricks above works for you, another option you can explore is to picture what you will look like after the Master Cleanse. This will energize you and enable you to achieve weigh loss too.


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