Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Why Quick Fix Solutions DO Not Always Work

There is a constant influx of quick fix solutions for losing weight competing for our attention. It has become the latest craze to find some supplement being touted as a miracle product. This cycle seems to repeat itself as people try to cash in on the fad. However, in spite of the fact that these products may yield some benefit, they really do not work in the long run. This article will showcase some for the things you should watch out for in these scam products.
Every hoax has some truth attached to it. A good example is one of the latest fat loss quick fix solutions which promise its customers that they can lose significant weight in just 30 days when they take the pill form. Even though the acai berry is high in antioxidants, fiber and healthy fats, it can only really work as part of a weight loss program. Without a diet and exercise plan, then the ad may appear to be a hoax, which it isn’t. One of the disadvantages of this latest weight-loss phenomenon is that get-rich-quick artists want to cash in on it. To avoid being a victim, you should take note of the following warning signs.
·        You should be careful when the product comes with a billing system that is recurring as it will become impossible to get out of this.
·        Any offer of a free trial with the possibility of canceling at a certain time during your billing cycle should be avoided. These systems usually require that you offer them your credit card details. With this information, you will be automatically billed and any attempt to cancel your order will be met with different excuses.
·        Avoid any unrelated products that come as part of the package and requires a recurrent billing plan.
·        Be sure to find out their contact information. The absence of phone numbers of physical address should alert you of possible problems
All these information can usually be found as the fine print in some obscure documents. One way to verify the authenticity of the company is to Google their name to find out what others think of the company. The Better Business Bureau website can also help you decide whether to avoid them if they are not listed, or have many complaints.
Of course, there will always be unsatisfied customers in every company. This should not give you the impression that the company is a scam. Any reputable company is definitely in business for long term and will ensure that they attend to customer complaints. However, for many of the so called weight loss quick solutions companies, they have a short term lifespan and as such it is not easy for the government to monitor them.
For anything that promotes itself as a quick fix, you should beware of guarantees that are too good to be true. Any successful endeavor is usually accomplished over a reasonable period of time.
If you want to lose weight for the long term then you should adopt a long term approach. Such tales as that of the skeptical journalist who drew the short straw to try a new product even though he was certain that it would not work, yet became a convert in 15 days are not feasible.
However, let this though not discourage you.  The journey to accomplish anything worthwhile can sometimes be more rewarding that the goal itself. When you see weight loss as a healthy change in your lifestyle instead of a magic bottle solution, it can offer a more satisfying approach to achieving your goals.


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