Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Effect of Alcohol on Weight Loss

When people talk about weight loss, alcohol is usually not recommended for consumption because it has a lot of bad effects. Alcohol is full of calories that reduce the ability of your body to burn fat.  In starting a weight loss journey, it is more important for you to make changes to your diet, rather than just adopting any diet. You should learn to control your drinking more, than striving to completely avoid drinking beer or wine.
To achieve this, you need to be informed on what alcohol does to your body. Alcohol kills your brain cells and reduces your body’s ability to burn fat by about 70%. It is full of calories and does not give the body any nutritional value. You will also feel dehydrated causing you to drink even more. Taking alcohol reduces the ability to make good food decisions, as well as depriving you of the much-needed sleep your body needs for a healthy lifestyle.
When you know the impact that alcohol has on your body, it can help your desire to lose weight because you are better able to choose wisely regarding your drinking habits. Whatever your decision is, you should remember that the key to losing weight is to make sure the amount of calories that you consume is not more than what your body will burn on a daily basis. Therefore, even if you decide to take alcohol, you should watch out for the calories you are consuming.
What makes alcohol affect the body in such a bad way is as a result of how it is metabolized. When you consume calories, your body processes it on a first come first serve basis. Therefore your body will be busy processing empty calories from alcohol while calories from other foods are neglected and converted to fat.
Trying to avoid this by skipping meals is not a good idea. You must strive to maintain a healthy eating habit, and this can be done if you remove a few calories from each meal and avoid drinking more than one alcoholic beverage a day.
For the purpose of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you should consider carefully how you choose to consume alcohol. Studies have show that one beer or glass of wine is beneficial to the health because wine contains antioxidants, which boost health. However you should take note that some wines and beers are high on calories. If you choose to drink while trying to lose weight, then you are better off to stick to beer like Guinness. A 12-ounce Guinness has about 120 calories, which is similar to that found in wine.


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