Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Beans for Weight Loss

Introduction: There is a great amount of fiber in beans which makes them very good for losing weight. Beans come in different variety with their unique nutrition and effect.  Are you aware of the kind of beans that you need to take for you to lose weight? This article gives you a complete introduction of the four different types of beans that are good for weight loss.
1. Soybean – this has a lot of high quality proteins.  Because they are comparable to what you will find in meat, they are sometimes called “plant meat”. For those who are vegetarians, they obtain their main source of protein from soybeans. If you want to lose weight as a woman, your daily diet can contain more soybeans. This is because the large amount of protein ad calcium that is present in soybean will reduce the cholesterol in your body. It also helps in strengthening your bones and muscles. This is a good effect for weight loss.
2. Red bean – this type of bean has a lot of nutrients, which include protein, dietary fiber, β-carotene, vitamin E, calcium, potassium and magnesium. The effect of taking red bean can be seen in the body in many ways such as clearing away heat and increasing your bowel movements. With red beans, you can easily remove edema and excess fat in the body.

3. Green bean - The green beans is a very good source for calcium, iron, phosphorus and lysine. These are very good in supplementing nutrients that are taken in during metabolism, as well as removing heat and toxins from the body. It also reduces thirst. If you are planning to lose weight, then you should take some green beans soup. Due t its diuretic effect, it is able to stop fat from accumulating in the body. With green beans you can also be assured of crude protein, vitamin A and vitamin B2. These nutrients help the stomach and intestinal tract to perform better and also make the skin more elastic.

4. Black bean – For those with constipation problems, it is recommended that you consume black beans which are rich in dietary fiber. They are also a good source for vitamins B1 and vitamin E so that your body is kept strong and your skin in good shape. Therefore for those interested in losing weight of making their skin more beautiful, then the black bean is recommended. A lot of women in Japan are known for making teas with the black beans because of their nutrient quality.


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