Sunday, May 1, 2011

Can Writing help you Lose Weight?

Keeping food records would enhance your weight loss plan. But keeping an emotional journal would help you much more. It would show you the people that encourage and it would show you the people that are always discouraging you. It would also show you the people that describe your quest as “chasing shadows” and it will let you know those that would always offer you ice-cream even when they know you have stopped taking it. That way, you would learn to be around those that support your goals and avoid those that are against it. It will also urge you to prove your critics wrong.

It is also helpful to write a letter, addressed it to your fat body, saying how much you hate being fat and how you are determined to eradicate all the fats and calories. The letter helps you to resist some temptations. It holds you back when you are about to eat what you know isn’t beneficial to your body.

Journaling on weight loss also entails writing how your choice of food would help your metabolism and help you burn more fats.  Regular journaling somehow connects your daily activity to your goal.

Keeping a journal would make you know yourself more and also help you love yourself more. When that happens you would find it very difficult to eat meals that would do more harm to your body than good. No matter how good it may taste.


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