Monday, April 18, 2011

Weight Loss (Alkaline Forming Food)

A major contributing feature to our health and wellbeing is the pH level of our body. This could either be acidic or alkaline. The normal pH of the body as around 7.3, this means that it is vaguely alkaline.

Nonetheless, do you know that a lot of people are not at this most favorable level and this can be responsible for health issues? If your body’s pH is not alkaline enough you might suffer from some conditions such as fatigue, overweight, lack of energy, allergies, bad skin, bad digestion to mention but in few.

The question is what makes our body acidic, its simply our diet.  Majority of the western diet (about 95%) are shown to be acid forming. This leads to bad health and weight gain. Basically, an acid forming diet is tough on the digestive system, colon; reducing it efficiency. Toxins increase due to accumulation of acidic foods and they contaminate your body. Acid forming foods are a key factor in gaining weight gain and it explains why a lot of people carry around excessive weight and are unhealthy.

Do you recall carrying out litmus tests at school? Well you can apply same ideology here and test your pH levels. All you need do is to simply place your urine on pH strips which can be purchased from any health food store and also online. We counsel that you conduct this test as many times as you can daily. Document your readings for a few weeks so as to get a precise idea of your pH levels.  In addition, this will enable you to identify any trend that occur and best locate where progress is needed in order to optimize your health.

Though this does not sound exciting, but it is. Restoring your body to its normal level is somehow easy and can be attained by changing diets. There are a lot of alkalizing foods that can aid you in getting your body into optimal shape. It possibly not surprising that the majority of these foods are fruits and vegetables and as a matter of fact one of the excellent ways of making your body more alkaline, rescue your health and lose weight eating a delicious unprocessed food diet.

Though raw food diet has so many advantages, not restricted to balancing you pH levels, it is imperative to eat a wide range of raw foods. This will guarantee that you obtain all of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals crucial for your health. Keep the diet fascinating and keep yourself excited. Ensure that you try many new food recipes. A raw food diet can be fun and the excellent part is that majority of the recipes are easy and swift to make.

Here are a few examples of alkaline forming foods:
Leafy Greens
Olive Oil
Wheat Grass

On the other hand, foods that you would like to avoid if you're trying to improve your pH Levels are:
Coffee and Tea
Pickled Foods
Fizzy Drinks
Hydrogenated Fats

There so many other acid-forming foods too, but it's not compulsory to stay away from every one of them. Nuts and seeds for instance are acid-forming but they contain plenty other nutritional and health benefits, therefore they should certainly be taken in into your raw food diet.
I advise a diet of 30-40% acidic foods and 60-70% alkaline foods; this will assist you in reaching your model pH level and is an effortlessly attainable balance. Keep this information to heart and act accordingly, you'll witness a positive charge in your general health.


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