Tuesday, July 12, 2011

100 Weight Loss Advise(part 8)

(32)You Are Over Stressed - One of the common health challenges in life is stress. It is also a factor that can hinder your weight loss aspirations. When you are stressed, there is an increase in your production of cortisol hormones, which causes the muscle tissue to reduce. This can affect your resistance to insulin and cause the region around your abdomen to gain extra fat storage.

(33)Consume More Fiber; These coarse fibrous substances, largely composed of cellulose, that are found in grains, fruits, and vegetables, aid digestion. Increasing your fiber intake decreases by 40% your chances of developing diabetes and its complications. The more fiber you take in, the more weight you tend to lose. Generally foods with fiber tends to suck up moisture which in turn adds more weight to the food you eat thereby making you feel satisfied faster that a food without it would. This means you would eat less.

(34)Balanced Diet – It is not enough to just eat foods.  You must ensure that your meal has a proper combination of nutrients such as Protein, carbohydrates and Fat. To quickly achieve your weight loss, the grams of protein you eat should be in proportion to your lean body mass, for example, a body mass of 150lbs should eat 150 grams of protein. For your carbohydrates and fat, it is recommended that your meal contains about thirty and forty percent respectively.

(35)The risk posed by Stomach Fat (Visceral/Abdominal fat)
Visceral fat, more commonly known as belly fat, is excess fat that has accumulated around the midsection and is the body’s way of warning against getting out of shape and becoming unhealthy. The liver metabolizes this stomach fat into cholesterol, which circulates around the body.
However, it is common knowledge that when cholesterol build up in the blood stream, it causes the arteries to narrow down. The chances of getting heart disease, stroke, diabetes or hypertension are greatly increased with excess visceral/abdominal fat. The dangers of being overweight should not be underestimated. This is one of the many reasons why you have to take your weight loss plans seriously.

(36)Another reason that people gain fat around the stomach is as a result of the stress they endure during their daily routine. Stress causes a release of the hormones that produce fat. Smoking is also known to produce the same hormones, hence can be related to excess fat. However, another factor, which is beyond what we can control, is genetics as some people tend to develop stomach fat naturally. Dieting and exercising is definitely the safest and healthiest way to achieve weight loss.


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