Tuesday, July 12, 2011

100 Weight Loss Advise(part 6)

(22)Wondering why bacon and lard top the list of quality fat?! Yes without a doubt these can be enormous sources of quality fat as a matter of fact bacon and lard are reputed to be one of the best natural foods with quality fat. Keep in mind that a lot of supermarket purchased foodstuffs are extremely heated, hydrogenated and the fats are damaged and ought to be avoided. Many store purchased butter will be very substandard so I will advice that you buy butter you can obtain from a farmer you know or possibly a local health food store. The same goes for lard and cream.

(23)Implementing a weight loss diet program is quite an effective method. But it requires so much self-control and persistence. Losing Weight is a difficult task. The outcome of the efforts manifests gradually. It is much more difficult than administering a specific weight loss supplement which uses up all the fats in a very short time. You have to be goal-driven and inspired to continue your efforts to the point at which your desired goal starts materializing.

(24)Your blood sugar level has to stay in the normal range and not jump to a high level as a result of excess sugar. It isn’t good for it to be low either, which make you feel hungry. Eating the right foods will keep your blood sugar level at the best levels and you will lose that belly fat in no time.

(25)If we most center our bodies attention on using fat from our diet and from fat cells as energy we need to lessen the percentage of carbohydrates we take and make sure the ones we do eat come in lesser concentrations. So as a replacement for of having a buckwheat pancake breakfast we should take an egg and bacon breakfast instead. Replace low impact carrots or parsnips for the high-starch higher insulin impact potato. The most assured way to evade surplus carbohydrates, as well as gluten issues and the like, is to drop grain products from your diet completely. Though this may seem like a radical step, it has been tremendously successful for many people. As a matter of fact, many native peoples consumed far more fat and protein focused diets than most of us today and consequently enjoyed better health and weight loss.

(26)I discovered that several kinds of foods that I considered to be ideal for me may really not be. We are aware that research have shown that consuming excess sugar daily can and does result in increase in your blood sugar level which has severe health consequences. The obvious foods are chocolates, candies, donuts and off course ice cream; a few of my best foods. Now I am beginning to realize that foods like whole wheat bread, pastas, cereals, certain muffins, low fat salad dressings and even orange juice are not so good after all. The reason is because when these are consumed, the body converts these foods to sugar too! You may assume that this is normal and that the body uses these food calories well. Nonetheless, if you are also consuming candies and their likes, the sugar from these are deposited directly to the blood stream and may be tipping you over the boundary which causes insulin to be let loosed. Now, this is what then transforms the sugar in your blood into FAT reserves. Consequently, the foods you eat which your body turns into sugar just add to the fat reserve in and around your belly.


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