Monday, July 11, 2011

Does Hypoglycemic Diet Work For Weight Loss?

Defining Hypoglycemic Diet- The hypoglycemic diet is a dieting concept that uses natural means to enlongate the time it takes for food substance to be absorbed. This will enable you keep your blood sugar at the right and normal rate. By implication, controling your stress hormones like cortisol and even adrenaline and helping you to maintain the ideal rate which is perfect for healthy living. This diet emphasises on consuming natural foods for weight loss instead of artificially processed food. It was originally designed for with complications such as hypoglycemia, but it as proven to be a solution for losing weight. You may want to try this.

What Should You Eat and What Should You Avoid?

Basically, the hypoglycemic diet is against consuming sugary foods, alcohol, caffeine, and processed carbohydrate. Simply put, white bread,  pastries, soda, cakes, coffee, wine, and strong teas are prohibited. By all means, nicotin should be written off your diet. Though sweet fruits which gives fibre, for example water melon, mango, and bananas are ok, a strong emphasis is laid on moderation in consumption. With this weight loss diet, it is ok to consume 3 meals a day as well as 3 snack daily. The meals most be high in protein as well as high in fiber content, and complex carbohydrates to forestall the hypoglycemic dip and bring about a gradual discharge of glucose. Dietry supplements are advisable. Supplements should include vitamins B3, B6, B12, and C, chromium Picolinate,  omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium,  zinc, and other minerals that are capable of reducing the absorption of glucose in the body.

Merits of Hypoglycemic Diet

When you engage in hypoglycemic diet, you will be constantly and consisently vitalized and energized to go about your daily activities. As soon as you get acostumed to this diet, your system will become more adarpt at contorling and maintaining the ideal blood sugar levels. You will, in addition, be capable of forestalling the reactive hypoglycemia attacks if you have the condition or if you are predisposed to presenting with hypoglycemia. As an added advantage, taking 6 small portions of meals daily is very useful in increasing your rate of metabolism as well as helping you achieve weight loss. Well if you do not have the condition, you will be capable of preventing overweightedness (obesity) and other related diseases occassion by the continues consumption and dependence on manufacture food products like cancer and diabetes due to the fact that all you will be eating are naturally generated home cooked foods. Observing a hypoglycemic diet will give your body the right amount of calories, vitamins, protein,  and minerals it requires to function healthily.

Demerits of Hypoglycemic Diet

Looking at the disadvantages, this particular diet for weight loss may not be advisable for certain persons who do not have low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). This might lead to lack of certain nutrients and vitamines in some persons due to the confined nature and scope of the diet plan, thereby resulting in inadiquate functioning of the body system. This very dieting plan, as you are aware, prohibits certain vegetables as well as fruits; and that kind of  prohibition may not be useful for persons who are not predisposed or present with the condition. If a person is acostumed to taking sugar for example, eleminating sugar from his or her diet menu may give rise to withdrawal symptoms like headaches and weakness. By the way, hypoglycemic diet could pose a potential danger for those with records of increasing and decreasing blood sugar levels. It may not be advisable or ideal for persons who are low in self-discipline and the zeal to progress with the diet plan.

Finally, no doubt hypoglycemic diet is a fantastic diet. But, it is always safe to consult your personal physician and proceed with the dieting plan under his prescription. A very vital tip for your weight loss success is creating a food diary.


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