Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Low Carb Diets, No-Carb?

Half information’s are harmful…and lot of people are attempting low carb diets  are sadly unsuccessful in achieving weight loss in the long haul for the reason that they took the idea to the extreme thinking that if low carb diets are good, definitely no-carb diet would be even better? Wide off the mark! One of the fundamental reasons why low carb diets are delivering results for many people is because it compels them to eliminate nutrient deficient junk foods from their daily food consumption. In the last twenty years, the typical North American diet has become so contaminated with processed foods, sugars and dangerous fats so much so that the typical American is now clinically overweight.

Low carb diet attributes their success to common sense and not a “diet revelation”. It was never appropriate to take doughnuts, soda pop, big Macs, deep fried French fries and pizza every day. As people’s day to day living became busier, the arrival of fast foods and convenience food grew astronomically. Initially, it made things easy for busy families ensuring that they have dinner; however we are now becoming aware of the true cost of the convenience.

Processed and refined foods change foods from their usual compound state, breaking them up into powders which are easily handled, stored and made use of in the manufacturing process. The inadvertent result of this refining process is that it makes it a lot easier for your body to take up the carbohydrate glycogen energy released by these food substances, and this produces sharp increases in the blood glucose levels. This consequently puts extra stress on the body’s internal mechanism as it tries to balance this sharp increase and in the process your body intuitively stores the energy an extra fat! Usually, carbohydrates consumed in their unrefined states take more time to metabolize in the body enhancing lover over all glucose levels.

The results derived from the low carb diets is mostly in the fact that compels you to get rid of most refined carbohydrates, to take foods in their unrefined states and take foods that contain fewer calories which consequently  means your calorie intake is reduced. If you approach low carb diet from the proper perspective you definitely experience weight loss.


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