Monday, June 6, 2011

Why Do I Need Massage for Weight Loss?

No doubt having a massage gives you great feeling. Having a deep-tissue, sports massage makes you feel wonderful with immediate impact. One of the best way to relieve stress is massage, this is very reliable, massage is useful in recovering from hard physical activity or body injury and even reduce or totally eliminate anxiety, but the question is- can it help you to achieve weight loss?

Researches has proven over the years that massage can have a positive effect on your ability to build up muscle and also improves your fitness levels, this in turn hightens your capability to control or loose weight.
When your muscles are strong and healthy, you tend to burn more calories and you get to participate freely in all sorts of sports and exercise activities that can help you brake down excess calories and improve your overall fitness and wellness.

Benefits of body massage that can directly influence your ability to control weight or loose weight:

1. Body massage has been proven to improve the flow, circulation and the supply of vital nutrient to the muscles. Massage increases and enhance the interflow of vital substances between the blood and tissue cells of the human body, this will directly increase the rate of tissue metabolism. When your muscles are exercised, important nutrients needs to be supplied to the muscles so that they can recover and build up themselves. Massage optimizes the flow of nutrients and oxygen by improving blood supply, in turn helping the muscles to grow, build up and by implication burn down more calories.

2. Body Massage help improve your muscles' motion, agility and flexibility level. While you become more agile and flexible, you will be able to maintain maximum power, stamina and performance while active, and burn the maximum number of calories possible there by achieving weight loss.

While your muscles are undergoing recovery and repair from the wear and tear that occur during workout, improved range of motion and flexibility which you get from massage also reduces muscle soreness.

A high range of motion and maximum muscle flexibility also reduces the danger of experiencing sever bodily injuries during workout routines which can limit your activities, exercise and weight loss progress.

3. Body Massage assist in reducing the recovery period needed between your exercise routine. Metabolic waste such as lactic and carbonic acid gather up in muscles while you are exercising and after exercise. Improved rate of circulation to these muscles helps to eliminate toxic waste buildup occassioned by these metabolic waste and as a result reduces recovery period.

Reduced recovery period means you can safely have more exercise routine over a specific time frame. By implication, you  are able to burn more calories in your effort to achieve your personal weight loss goals.
4. Massage can also help reduce the chances of you over-working your muscles during workout routines. Massage has a remarkably relaxing effect on the muscles and a sedative effect on the nervous system which altimately calms you down. By helping you to achieve a state of perfect rest, which is a very essential aspect of any workout program, massage can largely reduce or eleminate the possibility of you experiencing over-training syndrome, which is rightly aclaimed to limit your ability to build strong and healthy muscles and therefore achieve weight loss with optimal efficiency.

5. Added to all of the points mentioned above, massage may directly help in weight reduction. As proven by research studies, massage as shown to be  capable of bursting fat capsule in subcutaneous body  tissue so that the fat exudes and becomes absorbed. Using this approach, along with balanced nutrition and workout routine, massage will result in visible weight loss.

6. As we have mentioned earlier, massage prevent and heal bodily injuries. As you stretch and expand connective body tissue, massage enables better circulation to help prevent or break down adhesions and scar tissue that result from muscle tears, wear and other commonly known muscle injuries. Massage also assist the excretion of certain fluids which contains (phosphorous, sulfur and nitrogen) that helps in the repair of tissues. Speedy and efficient recovery from injuries sustained during workout implies that you can conmence exercise sooner and in turn getting your weight loss progress back on the run.

So, we've said it all. Massage has numerous advantage that can directly and indirectly help you in attaining your weight loss objectives.

Regular massage is just as vital as regular exercise and balanced, adiquate nutrition in any professional and comprehensive fitness and weight loss program, this is good news for those of us who once believed that exercising and loosing weight was a very tough work! Bear in mind, weight loss is mainly about living a balanced lifestyle and massage is essentially an indispensable part of any balanced lifestyle.

If you haven't had a massage in a long time, don't wait too long! Get on the phone and make yourself an appointment with a professional. If you've never had a massage before, be sure that you are given a massage by a qualified massage therapist.


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