Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Solution for Facial Fat

The common criteria for beauty both in men and is the jaw line. Most men would rather not have a lot of fat around their jaw line just like the ladies would'nt. We all know too well that having facial fat make one look a bit old and fatty.  By the way, one of the masculine features a guy is supposed to have is a chiseled, well carved out jaw line. By implication, a lot of people try to rid off their facial fat in an attempt to avoid looking chubby. None the less, lets now examine the different technique and way to achieve well carved, chiseled out jaw line that give you that perfect look.

The magic of dieting!
Even though facial fat is not since as being over weight, it is still fat anyway. A very common method to rid off it, is by dieting.  As a matter of fact, cutting down on your carbohydrate intake, can help you achieve weight loss of up to 14 pounds in just 2 weeks. When this does not out line your jaw line, then you are probably fatter than you initially assumed. Taking your time to count your calories, can help a great deal. Staying on a diet of about 2000 calories per day, will no doubt facilitate your weight loss and assist in shaping your jaw line as a result of eradicating the fat around the face.

Working Out!
Keep in mind, facial fat is fat accumulated. Little wonder, that when you indulge in weight loss routines, you eventually lose facial fat even before you lose weght generally. Aside from participating in cardiovascular exercise routines  for a minimum 20 minutes, 3 times weeky, other exercises are specifically suited to help you achieve that fine jaw line. Abdominal external oblique muscle crunches in combination with push ups help to build up muscles around the shoulders and the neck region, which are by implication linked to the jaw line.

Exercises your face!
Exercising your face can help define the region around your chin. Just place two fingers around your chin, be certain that you put in some pressure on the region. While you are on it, push both the upper and lower lips so that they surround the teeth in a manner that indicates an O-shape. Tighten your lips as you maintain this position for at least 45 seconds and after that release your lips.

Should in case this is too hard for you, chewing gum regularly, those with mint, little or no sugar is advisable, can help develope and broaden the muscles around your jaw. The reason why you should consume sugar free gum is because, those with sugar increases your calories.

Water is vital!
Not drinking enough water could result in facial fat in the same way not eating makes you feel week and unfit. The main goal is to make sure you shed as much facial fat as necessary while exercising. Water can to a large extent aid your weight loss goals as well as your sheding off facial fat. As a matter of fact, dehydrate can wrinkle your skin and make you look older than you really are.

The key to achieving a well carved out jaw line is exercising and living healthy. While you do this, you will ultimately achieve weight loss and become fit and attractive.  


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